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British English, General English, Business English in Oxford and English Speaking Courses in London


"English language courses will help obtain necessary language skills to push your life to a new level. Goal orientated classes ensure that progress can be made to any schedule!"


Study English at language schools, colleges or language centres that are renowned worldwide as trusted places to learn English for foreigners in England.

  We offer a wide range of short and intensive English language courses in the morning, afternoon and evening in different locations throughout the UK including London, Oxford, Stratford–Upon-Avon.

Students must be at least 16 years old in order to enrol in English Courses and 11 to attend Junior Summer Courses/ Summer Camps for Children.

English courses

English courses for students of all levels of English (Beginner, Elementary, Pre- Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced).

General English courses in UK - Part time & Full time:

  Students will learn how to use English effectively in daily life, improve their proficiency in all areas of English including speaking, listening, reading, writing, vocabulary and grammar. They will gain skills that will allow them to work in an English environment with high confidence in their language ability.

General English Plus courses:

  General English Plus course (20 hour per week) includes regular General English lessons with an hour of Conversation class afterwards.

Intensive General English courses:

  Intensive English Program UK include 30 hours every week of English lessons, whereas Semi-Intensive English course covers only 21 hours per week of English lessons. This programme offers a possibility to study English intensively, 6 hours each day; it consist of regular English lessons that are blended with additional lessons on your choice, including Conversation and Pronunciation, exam preparation (IELTS and Cambridge) or English for Business Success.

Conversation and Pronunciation courses:

  Conversation and Pronunciation courses in UK are designed for students who want to express more fluently and clearly in spoken English. Subject matters for developing English speaking skills include current affairs, education, attitudes and beliefs, relationships and global problems. Furthermore, special attention will be paid to different points of English pronunciation such as intonation, stress patterns and individual sounds.

Conversation and Grammar courses:

  Conversation and Grammar courses in UK are for those who want to learn how to express grammatically correct in spoken English. During the lessons, you will learn English Grammar rules and then practise them by using conversations in various class activities where Grammar exercises will help improve the correct use of English. Highly qualified teachers ensure that students can master the whole language by improving their ability to use English grammar. They will help students make their pronunciation sound more natural and easier to understand.

Academic English

Learn English for academic purposes when you plan to study in higher education. UK Academic English courses for foreigners with English level of Pre- Intermediate, Intermediate and Advanced.

Business English courses:

  Students will learn how to speak clearly and effectively in English about complex ideas, speak naturally in social situations, welcome and show visitors around factories or offices, make appointments, correspond in e-mail, and understand commercial documents and letters.

Students will be taught essential Business English skills that are used to describe tables and graphs, skills used in negotiating, agreeing and disagreeing. They will be introduced to structures, expressions and vocabulary in specific business situations. They will learn the language of presentations and meetings, seminars and conferences as well as how to speak and socialise in English in business environment.

FCE, CAE and CPE Cambridge Exam preparation courses - Part time & Full time:

  Cambridge Examination courses are suitable for those who have a good knowledge of the English language and want a qualification to demonstrate this.

IELTS exam preparation courses - Part time & Full time:

  IELTS courses will prepare you for the further Academic study. They are for those who are planning to study at university in the UK or need the appropriate skills and qualifications in English.
  There are two types of IELTS courses available, IELTS Introduction course and ELTS Exam Preparation course. The only difference between them is English language requirement. IELTS Introduction course is for people with Intermediate level of English, and in order to enrol in IELTS Exam Preparation courses, students must have at least Upper-Intermediate level of English.


In order to find full information and prices on courses, please, follow one of the links below:

English courses

General English Courses:

- General English

- General English Plus

- Intensive General English

Conversation and Grammar Skills Courses:

- Conversation and Pronunciation

- Conversation and Grammar

- General English with Conversation and Grammar Skills

- General English with Conversation and Pronunciation

Academic English courses

Business English Courses:

- English for Business Success

- General English with Business English

Cambridge Exam Preparation and IELTS Courses:

- Cambridge Exam Preparation (FCE)

- Cambridge Exam Preparation (CPE)

- Cambridge Exam Preparation (CAE)

- General English with Cambridge Exam Preparation

- IELTS Introduction

- IELTS Exam Preparation

- General English with IELTS Exam Preparation


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